I would like to personally congratulate you on choosing to invest in yourself, even though it's not a $500, product, what's important is the content and the action, that you take after gaining the knowledge. As I was gaining the knowledge to set up my own online store I remembered back when I began my journey of starting my own business, how excited I was while at the same time not having a lot of money to invest in expensive products. Because a lot of the things I needed to learn was packaged in ways that required me to buy 6 CD's, a workbook, and on and on, now while most of the things involved were necessary, I would have loved to have had access to a way of buying one or two CD's at a time, and started learning at a pace slow enough that wouldn't cause me to become overwhelmed. 

Which is exactly the reason, I decided to create products, designed to teach you how to create products, based on the knowledge that you've gained inline with what you already like and enjoy, your PASSION. Imagine if you will, just for a moment, the joy and satisfaction you would receive, being able to live the lifestyle that you want, doing what you love, and generating the money you deserve. Well all that's possible, and it's actually more than possible, but only if you are in business for yourself. So take the step you know you need to, to begin the journey of a lifetime, that will change your entire life, forever.

Thanks again for investing in you, and remember, knowledge without action won't get you there, you must act on what you've learned.